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 The History of Coffee & BigFoot - The Missing Link

5th~13th century
Coffee was prepared in a manner similar to wine. It was not used as a hot beverage.
15th century The coffee trade was restricted to the Yemen district of Arabia and was jealously guarded.
16th century Plant cuttings were smuggled from Yemen and the cultivation of coffee crops spread to Egypt, Syria,and Turkey. Coffee houses began to open in every major city in the Middle East.
1615 The first shipment of coffee arrived in Venice from Turkey.
1683 Coffee reached Vienna. Shortly thereafter the first Viennese coffee house opened.
1773 American colonies revolted against high taxes placed on tea drinking by King George. "The Boston Tea Party" changed drinking habits and coffee became the favorite brew.
1800 Coffee was a major export crop and plantations extended from the Eastern to the Western hemispheres.
1875 Old Native American tales are recorded of beings described like Bigfoot.
1962 The first International Coffee Agreement was held in New York. Coffee supplies were balanced and prices fairly regulated.
1967 Bigfoot was first recorded on film.
1980 Bigfoot footprints found in Robe, Washington at Stilliguamish River.
2000 BigFoot Java® opens its first specialty coffee drive-thru location.

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